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I was born on a cool rainy day on 12 AUGUST, in CHENNAI, TAMIL
My name is PINKEY JAIN and I lived with my mom Mrs. VIJAYA DEVI, Dad Mr.
N.SUMERMAL and three lovely brothers. I started my school life at age 4. When I
was 10, my father expired and this was the biggest loss for all of us. I completed my
graduation in CHENNAI. My wish was to become a lawyer but due to my father’s
sudden death and some financial crisis my wish got buried. For me my father was
and even now a strong inspiration to live my life. I still love my father beyond
everything. For me my father is like my lifeline and every single second I remember
him. In simple, it’s like two souls and one body. After my marriage I shifted to
VISAKHAPATNAM. I have a very good, lovely and an adorable Husband,
Mr.VIKRAM KUMAR JAIN and two nauty kids.
Apart from studies, I am very much interested in music. I love music and
have a keen interest in playing Keyboard. I started learning Keyboard from age 12,
and from 14 started performing on stage, temples and shows. Even though I don’t
have any musical background but my love for this instrument keep on increasing.
Not only me but my parents are also awarded for my performances. I even have an
interest towards writing and this interest made me turn into a blogger. I got the Best
Athletic Student of the Year in school, received many applauses and appreciation
but the best was when one of the finest musician appreciated my GURU for teaching
me Keyboard. I even have an interest in the art field like drawings, sketching also.
I came up in life by seeing many ups and downs, learned realistic things
through stories and examples from my mother apart from school education. I gained
knowledge from many areas like from religious classes, school, college, institutions,
home, attending religious camps, reading books, from our GURU’s and Jain Monks.
For me my family is my priority and my father beyond everyone. I believe that we got
life after so many births and rebirths, so don’t  waste it, utilise it by gaining knowledge
because knowledge is the only factor that will be carry forwarded with you in your
next birth. So, grasp the knowledge as much as you can.



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